Musée d'art de Route de Saleté
flash Icon Nepscape flash Icon LoosE NuhtZ
Musée d'art de Route de Saleté screen shot
My virtual dust road fine art museum,
including samples of my digital art with
brief appearanes by some local wildlife.
Nepscape screen shot
An animation based upon my
Neptunes series, with Chimera
integrated as background music.
LoosE NuhtZ screen shot
A satirical comedy of errors
inspired by the US healthcare
debates and other fun things.
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MusikBachs flash Icon Armageddon flash Icon Sleep Walkers
JS Bach
The Love Triangles series
accompanied by Variation No 8 of
JS Bach's Goldberg Variations.
Armageddon screen shot
An animated rendering of an excerpt
from Special Forces, and a warning
about our environment's degradation.
Sleep Walkers screen shot
Fun and spooky games with
a couple of somnambulists.
Beware the unsettling finale.
Trance Walker flash Icon 5x5xXII flash Icon Funnel Visions
Trance Walker
An abstract animation to Endgame, the
music and "melodies" of which are derived
from the gently undulating sounds created
when two or more closely related wave-
forms sound together. (Beats)
My 5x5xXII series set to
music by Frederic Chopin.

A series of images
inspired by black holes.
Starchecks flash Icon Colorweals flash Icon Just in Time

A slideshow of the Starchecks series
with musical excerpts from Sonata 10 by
Alexander Scriabin.

A slide show of the Colorweal series
with the opening measures of Grieg's
Lyric Suite as background music.

An abstract animation with
Chimera.mp3 in background.
Sundry Artwork with Music Series Artwork with Music Series plus Sundry

SoundTrack, Chimera, TantaLiza
Carnival, TrioCVB, Satyricus
78 mins   (pianississimo > fortissimo)

Something Old, Falling, Special Forces
35 mins   (pianississimo > fortissimo)

113 mins   (pianississimo > fortissimo)
Goldberg Variations

Glen Gould's epic 1981 recording
of JS BAch's Goldberg Variations
accompanied by Sundry artwork